Are you an active woman who wants to look your best while swimming, running, hiking, biking, playing tennis or doing aerobics? Do you wish you didn’t have to worry about sweating off your makeup or re-applying after your workout? Maybe you’ve never been able to enjoy makeup because your skin is too sensitive to common ingredients found in cosmetics.

From young to old, the professional to the athlete, permanent makeup is a natural fit for anyone. Permanent makeup is an especially good option for those who want a soft enhancement to their natural features. This alternative also benefits those who cannot wear cosmetics because of allergies and skin sensitivities.

Permanent makeup is suited for those with vision loss, unsteady hands or those who are dealing with difficulties due to arthritis.

Many of our clients are just “on the go” women who enjoy the convenience of permanent makeup. Not having to factor in time to apply makeup in their busy schedules helps them be more efficient – while looking their best – in their active lives.