“In my profession as an orthopedic surgeon, it is particularly nice to be able to go straight from surgery where I wear a mask, to the waiting room to speak with family members, and not have to ever apply lipstick to look somewhat put together between surgical cases. Now that is convenient!” -Karen S., Orthopedic Surgeon
 “Having permanent makeup has made hiking, gardening, and traveling so much easier! -Allison N.
“It was one of the best decisions that I have made that impact my daily routine and my level of confidence.” -Michelle G. Eyes, Brows
Autumn T “Whether I am coming out of the pool, running late and do not have the time to put on ‘additional’ makeup, or just having a ‘lazy day,’ I still have the natural look necessary.” -Autumn T. (Occupational Therapist) Eyes
Janet B

“My husband loves to look at me, especially when I’m sleeping.”

“I can be ready to go anywhere on a moment’s notice.” Janet B. (Retired)

Eyes, lips

Lori D “I never have to check my face in the mirror because I always know it will look great thanks to Grayson. My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner!” -Lori D. (Business Manager) Eyes, lips
Marilyn G “Permanent makeup has been such a time saver in the mornings, plus I don’t have to continually re-apply lip color all day. Grayson truly does wonderful work.” -Marilyn G.(Human Resource Analyst) Lips
Karolyn J “Takes less time to get ready for work, and it doesn’t sweat off!” -Karolyn J. (Self-Employed)Eyes, lips, brows
Marianne M “I absolutely love my permanent makeup by Grayson. It helps me get ready for work each day and helps me get there on time! It is an absolute confidence builder.” -Marianne M. (Analyst) Eyes, lips
Kaylynn R “Totally awesome!! Grayson might not use the term “artist”, but she is. Wow, was I ever so surprised just how natural I look. I was so excited and still am!” -Kaylynn R. (Bookkeeper) Eyes, lips
tiffany T “Grayson was wonderful at picking out all of the colors that compliment my complexion, and give the most natural appearance. She is such a perfectionist with her work, and that is what you want in a permanent makeup artist.” -Tiffany T. (Surgical nurse)
Leslie M “As a dentist, I have struggled for years to keep lipstick and eye makeup on while I work. The masks and eyeglasses constantly remove my makeup. I don’t have time to reapply it throughout the day. Since I have gotten permanent makeup, I am more confident. I know that when I remove my mask, even after a long procedure, I look professional. I would recommend this procedure to anyone who doesn’t want to worry about their eye makeup fading and their lipstick coming off.” -Leslie M. (Dentist)
Mimi L “I only wish I had tried permanent makeup sooner. Being a professional and mother of two, I have very long hours. Permanent makeup allows me to look fresh all the time. I can also kiss my girls and husband anytime without having to worry about leaving a lipstick mark.” -Mimi L. (Physician)
scottie g “I have loved the way my lips have looked from the moment I had permanent makeup done. I never worry about applying lipstick because I don’t have to anymore! My lips are so defined and add so much depth to my face. Your talent and skills still amaze me!” -Scottie G. (Educator)