Permanent Eyebrows

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Eyebrows are the framework of your face but not the focal point. We custom design brows for each person to fit bone structure. Each person’s design assures that brows naturally move with facial expressions.

Permanent eyebrows allow you to enjoy an active lifestyle without worrying about this important part of your face. We lift the daily struggle of having to draw brows on.

For permanent eyebrows, there are two approaches – the powdered look and the hair-stroke method.

The powdered look creates a soft fill behind your natural brow hair.

The hair-stroke method creates the most natural-looking brow possible. This is also known as the Micro-Blading or Micro-Stroking technique. Hair strokes closely mimic Mother Nature by following the grain of your brow, enhancing the natural movement of the brow. With hair stroking, brows will be filled in and look fuller in the most natural way. This method is beneficial for thinning brows, missing brow hairs, alopecia and brows that are graying with age.

Price: $250 plus tax (per application)
*Prices subject to change. We recommend two applications 6-8 weeks apart for longer lasting results.

Procedure time: 30-45 minutes

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